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March 2012
Monday Special
10 piece all dark,
2 large sides,
1 whole pie, 6 rolls

May 2012
Strawberry pie season begins. Enjoy our fresh strawberry pie.

August 2012
Time for our sweet Utah corn on the cob.

September 2012
Peach Pie season begins.


  • 1

    “Their mashed potatoes and gravy make me so happy! Not even my mom's gravy is as yummy. Sorry, Mom.”
    Katie Mifsud

  • 2

    “C&B Maddox Famous Chicken is the #1 place to eat in Layton. My only regret is it's not closer.”
    Peggy Sue Stewart

  • 3

    “The banana cream pie is simply the best I've ever had.”
    Dan Simpson

Phone #: 1-801 444 3118
Address: 698 N Main St. Layton

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